Monday, October 20, 2014
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Lawyer Kasambara Charged, Locked Up

Police in Blantyre have officially charged Private lawyer Ralph Kasambara with abetting assault and have since locked him up.

Police publicist Sgt. Beatrice Bwanali told Zodiak Online, police found Mr. Kasambara at fault for sending people to assault a group of young men suspected to have been sent to attack the human rights lawyer.

In an interview from detention, Mr. Kasambara claimed the whole issue in political.

“It happened this afternoon when thugs came to my office but we managed to overpower them and later took them to police,” he told Zodiak Online.

He denies the charge saying he only defended himself.

Blantyre Police publicist Sgt. Bwanali says information with police is that Mr. Kasambara commanded people to attack a group of people he suspected were thugs planted to attack him at his office.

Mr. Kasambara had earlier alleged that the suspected thugs mentioned ruling Democratic Progress Party (DPP) officials as being behind the plot.

“The thugs have mentioned people from DPP as well as State House. We have even recorded them,” he said.

But DPP and State House Spokesperson Dr. Hetherwick Ntaba has distanced the ruling party from the matter.

"Since it's in police hands, let's leave it to police," he urged.

Lawyer Kasambara has been vocal against President Bingu wa Mutharika’s maladministration since he was fired from the position of Attorney General in May 2006.

He recently told the media that Parliament has enough reasons to impeach President Mutharika for failing to resolve the salary stalemate that has paralyzed the judicial system.

Junior judicial staff have been on strike for over a month now demanding implementation of a pay rise approved by the Malawi Parliament in 2006.—Zodiak Online

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0 #5 hanlly 2012-02-15 17:26
You unfaithful pple why cant you concentrate on the problems Malawi is facing on?Do you want to remind us how Chasowa got killed?Leave Mr Kasambara alone.
0 #4 tamva 2012-02-14 17:39
haha, this government is good for nothing.Ralph deal with them accordingly, i dont understand even these gvt dogs who so called police.You beg us mmakwalalamu then mukakhuta you start doing nonsense by arresting innocent pple.mudya udzu fotsekiiii, Ralph tiye nawo amenewo.
0 #3 Papa Gooms 2012-02-14 09:35
Why arresting him while he was trying to defend himself.You police u wanted the thugs to kill Ralph then when u wud prove.It it true that they are thugs?
0 #2 Zikani 2012-02-14 09:34
KK, Don't comment as if you are new here was it long ago when Ratif hajat's offices were torched? Rev Sembereka's house burnt. every one knows that this good for nothing government is targeting This Inteligent lawyer. if his office was burnt and him killed what you have said. those of us who have been in goverment know what it is capable of doing.
-4 #1 Kk 2012-02-13 20:01
He can't just suspect pple and hit them, that's wrong. Defending himself? My foot. Was he attacked to defend himself. He was nt yet attacked bt just suspected. .Unless if the recording is a video recording bt if its just a voice recording there's little truth to it.

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