Saturday, October 25, 2014
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Kaliati Trade Barbs with Journalist Mabvuto Banda

Things nearly got out of hand at a news conference in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe where flamboyant Information Minister Patricia Kaliati exchanged words with prominent journalist Mabvuto Banda of Nation Publications Limited.

Banda, an award winning investigative journalist, told the Minister point blank that her DPP government cheated Malawians that they would offer electorates a better life.

According to blogger Kondwani Munthali, himself a news analyst for the newspaper, it all started when Mabvuto asked Kaliati why the executive was so scared with the PAC conference.

“Traditionally we have always had these meetings where people decide their future. It was there in 1992-93 to end the one party regime of Banda and the same happened in 2002 when people stopped the third term. You (Kaliati) were there you supported the third term. So why is government scared now,” asked Mabvuto.

In response Kaliati said: “Government is not scared but it is concerned with the castigation. They are just castigating everybody without any solutions. If they are serious why can’t they focus on issues rather than castigating people. The question personally belongs to you don’t say people are saying this, that is your opinion. Even yourself you have not offered solution,” charged Kaliati.

But Mabvuto shot back, saying “that is not my job to offer solutions, I am not government”.

Kaliati: “No you are government, you people elected the government it’s is your job, if not whose job do you think it is”.

Mabvuto: “It is yours Honorable Minister. People did not elect me to offer solutions. They elected you to solve their problems, like the ones we are facing”.

Kaliati: “Yes, so people elected us meaning they know we will solve the problems. That’s why they elected us.

Mabvuto: “No, the DPP cheated them that you will solve their problems”.

Kaliati: “But that’s not the point if people are meeting to solve problems they should offer solutions and not castigate each other.

Eventually everything went on well with Kaliati saying as government they are vindicated that the PAC conference is indeed discussing ways of over throwing government.

“All along government has been saying the PAC meeting has ill motives but people thought we are lying or we are joking. Now tell me who is wrong? Look at what they are discussing at the conference,” she said.

Mr. Kaliati cited a presentation from Chancellor College Political Science lecture Dr. Blessings Chinsinga who gave an example of football game rules, saying ‘if one makes a foul, he is given a yellow card as a warning. If he makes another foul, he is given a red card”.

This assumption, Mrs. Kaliati says is calculated at inciting people to revolt against the Bingu wa Mutharika administration.

On Thursday at the same conference, law expert Dr. Edge Kanyongolo said solutions to Malawi’s economic and governance problems lie outside the constitution.—Zodiak Online

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0 #7 mika b 2012-03-21 07:41
pepani maiwa akusamala mchele komaso pali mwambi oti ( munthu saluma chala chomudyetsa )let her protect abwana but time is up amayi fear God learn to say the truth God will bless u
0 #6 big boy 2012-03-19 11:09
koma ndiye ziliko chako chino,koma ndakaika ngati 2014 tiifike
0 #5 SIBONDA 2012-03-18 09:37
I always have a wet dream when I think about Akweni. She turns me on. I dont want to say what I imagine I would see if she took it all off. Imagination is no offence Ma'am. You still turn ne on. Right now when I look down I can feel the Mamba slowly turning, warming up ke kekekekekeke!
0 #4 HAJI BENSON 2012-03-16 10:10
Akweni muli bwanji? ife kuno mabvuto ndi
lanu lautsiruli.
+1 #3 frank 2012-03-15 17:27
Kaliyati, ndi chitsilu chotha ntchito, hule wamunthu kamkazi kopanda ulemu. azakatenge kameneka Bingu akazaluza nayenso ndi Galu wamunthu azikapitiriza business yake ya saloon bansi za ndale sizikumukhala
+2 #2 Thyoloboy 2012-03-15 17:25
This stupid woman (mai wa chimasiki kumaso) bothers me so much. ndi chifukwa chake sukulu inamukanika. munthu mkulukulu mpaka elearning. alibe nzeru amaneyu thats why she fails to answer simple questions from intelligent Mabvuto Banda
+3 #1 goodall 2012-03-15 15:27
galu uyu. if she can fail to answer very simple questions from mwana wakwa magi nyirenda, do you think she is rightly placed to lead the information ministry? gulukunyinda

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