Sunday, October 26, 2014
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Mzimba Police Impound 1000Kgs Hemp

MZIMBA: Police have impounded over 1000 kilograms of hashish in Mzimba a district in Malawi North of the capital Lilongwe.

The Indian Hemp was found at Mgoza in the area of Traditional Authority Mabilabo in the district. This place is well known for the cultivation of the illegal plant.

Mzimba police spokesperson Mr. Gift Nyirongo says one suspect has since been arrested.

Mr. Nyirongo said the impounded hemp was in 14 bags.

He said upon searching the house of one of the suspects, Mr. Chefry Chirwa 48 of Chipeni Mwale village in Khosolo, they recovered 4 bags of Chamba weighing 90 kgs each.

He said the police received another tip that there was another person in the same area who was also possessing the drug.

But before the law enforcers reacted to the tip, the suspect run away leavingĀ  behind 10bags of chamba each weighing 90kgs.

Police say while they are still investigating the bolted accomplice, the one who has been arrested will be charged with being found in possession of Indian hemp.

Mr. Nyirongo told Zodiak Online that samples of the drugs have since been sent to Chitedze research station for tests.

Mgoza which is found on a rich fertile belt of South Western Mzimba is known for Indian hemp cultivation, however, police rarely make headway here because the system there is well nit and communication fast among the villagers.

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