Monday, October 20, 2014
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Nsanje Farmers Hold Back Neem Seed

NSANJE: Neem tree farmers in Nsanje district are holding back seed from a prospective buyer who they say is offering peanuts.

Chief Executive Officer for Crown Fertilizers and Pesticides Limited Mr. Vijay Kumar, says he was offering to buy the seed at 30 Kwacha which the farmers think is too little.

Neem seed is said to have medicinal value.

The Crown Fertilizers and Pesticides Limited recently signed a memorandum of understanding with chiefs and Nsanje District Council authorities assuring that it would buy the Neem seed.

As per that agreement, the company which is under PolyPark group of companies, would start buying the Neem seed in January of next year.

Mr. Kumar told Zodiak Online that his company wishes to use the Neem seed to manufacture fertilizer and pesticides for sale in the country in the coming farm seasons.

While this raised hope for improved economies of the local population in Nsanje district, the little prices being offered have taken the hopes aback.

However, the Group Public Relations Officer Mr. Paul Malamya recently told Zodiak Online that the company is only using global market price which can only change depending on global market trends.—Zodiak Online

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