Wednesday, October 22, 2014
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PAC Says 2011 Worst Governance Year

The Public Affairs Committee has described the year 2011 as the worst  year as  far   as  economic  and  political  governance  is  concerned.


On the political front , PAC notes that  bad  laws   crept   in  Malawi's political landscape.

On the economic front, the religious body argues acute  shortage   of  fuel  and  forex crippled Malawi.

“The  year  2011   has  been  the  worst  year as  far   as  economic  and  political  governance  is  concerned.  On  the  political  front ,  several   bad  laws   crept   in  our  political  landscape. These  include :  injunction  laws,  Section  46  which  deals  with  the  media, and  search  without  warrant  to  name  a  few.

“While  these  laws  have  been  directed  to   Law  Commission  by  the  government for  review  ,  it  is crystal  clear  that  the  laws  were  unpopular  amongst  many  stakeholders  in  Malawi. It  is  equally  true  that   while  these  laws  will  be  re-examined  by  the  Law  Commission ,  people  feel  that  the  review  of  such   laws  may  take  some  time -  an  outcome  that  will  be  contrary  to  people’s expectations.  It  is  our  view  that  these  bad  laws  should  have  been  repealed…,” reads a statement signed by Reverend Mac Donald Kadawati.

He observes that on  the  economic  front, the acute  shortage   of  fuel  and  forex  which  are  a  life blood  of  economic  activities, slowed  down  economic  activities   to  the  extent  that in   the  country’s  history Malawians  have  faced  untold  suffering .  Shortage of drugs   in  hospitals  also forced  Malawians  to  purchase  their  own  medicine   in  pharmacies  in  the  towns  and  cities  of  Malawi.

“As  PAC ,  we  take  the  view  that  these  developments  are  not  as  a  result  of   Malawi  being   a  landlocked  country.  After all, Malawi  has  not  become  landlocked  today.  During  Muluzi’s  and  Dr  Banda’s  regime  Malawi  was  a  landlocked country , but  we  never  had   a  crisis  of  this  magnitude . The today’s   unprecedented   challenges   have   gone   beyond   people’s   imagination,” he says.   - Zodiak Online

See Attached Statement for more

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