Tuesday, October 21, 2014
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Immigration Fiasco: Blame-Game On

The Malawi Police Service is almost certain that the influx of illegal immigrants in Malawi is being perpetrated by a syndicate in which immigration officials are also active players. But some immigration seniors think this is only a police scapegoat.

Police top boss Mr. Peter Mukhito accused officers from the immigration department of belonging to a syndicate that is aiding illegal immigrants into the country and beyond and also promoting human trafficking activities.

“Most of these illegal immigrants are passing through our airports without having their passports stamped,” said Mr. Mukhito who revealed that on Friday, December 30 last year, ten Bangladesh nationals were arrested at a check-point near Kamuzu International Airport in Lilongwe for illegally entering the country.

The police top boss is puzzled that the ten beat the security system at the airport a development that convinces him that there must be a “systematic organization” involving airport immigration officials that is aiding the illegal entries into Malawi.

“It is this syndicate that assisted the ten Bangladesh nationals to beat the system at Kamuzu International Airport without their passports being stamped until they were intercepted at the roadblock.

“It was well organized. Upon arrival, their passports were not stamped but they came in. And outside, they were again welcomed by one Immigration officer who took them to a vehicle. This is how serious the problem is. The other question is; how many have entered through that process?” said Mr. Mukhito.

The development has also brought to bear the problem of serious lack of coordination between immigration and the police, perpetrating lawlessness.

An immigration officer has been arrested in connection with the December 30 incident, police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Davie Chingwalu said.

But spokesperson for the Immigration Department Mr. Peter Kakatela confirmed the existence of the syndicate and subsequent arrest of one of the department's officials. - Zodiak Online

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