Saturday, October 25, 2014
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Viphya Targeted for a Million Trees

MZIMBA: The forestry office plans planting a million trees in the Viphya plantations in Mzimba district as a measure to bring back glory of the once biggest man made forest in the World.

Deputy Director of Forestry Mr. Thomas Makhambela told Zodiak Online that the tree planting exercise, which will cover 265 hectares of land, would involve forestry officials and some saw millers who are benefiting from the forest.

Mr. Makhambela said this is the first time for the Department of Forestry to embark on tree planting exercise in the Viphya plantation.

The once biggest man made forest in the World Viphya plantation covers about 53 thousand hectares of trees that include bleugum and Pine.

The Pine trees are a good source of timber which majority of businessmen plying their trade in the plantation are exporting it to some African countries like Mozambique and Kenya.

The forest has however in the past years experiencing fire incidents threatening timber businesses from the plantation commonly known as Chikangawa.

Deputy Director of Forestry Department Mr. Thomas Makhambela said in an effort to bring back lost glory of the plantation, the department will this year plant about 1.6 million trees especially in the much cultivated areas.

Mr. Makhambela said the tree planting exercise will involve about 270 forestry officers and some companies sawing timber from the plantation.

The companies include Leopard Match, Raiply, Select and Save to mention but a few.

President Bingu wa Mutharika officially launched national tree planting season early of this month in Zomba.—Zodiak Online

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