Sunday, October 26, 2014
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Govt Says Kasambara Will Face Trial

The Malawi government has said prominent lawyer Ralph Kasambara will face trial despite mounting local and international calls to have him released unconditionally.

Justice Minister Ephraim Chiume told parliament Tuesday that the police were justified to arrest the former Attorney General.

“He will still face trial on four counts that include abduction and unlawful wounding,” said Chiume responding to queries from opposition MPs over the continued detention of Kasambara.

During this time opposition parties including a few government MPs booed the Minister as he declared to ahead to have Mr. Kasambara face trial.

Last week, Salima South MP Uladi Mussa demanded last week that government should explain if Malawi was in a state of emergency over the disrespect of the rule of law.

Meanwhile, the police are yet to re-arrest five alleged accomplices of law Mr. Kasambara, six days after the prominent lawyer was re-arrested.

The five were arrested together with the former Attorney General on valentine day and released together on bail but the police only re-arrested the lawyer.

After the re-arrest on February 15, Southern Region Police Publicist Nicholas Gondwa told ZBS that the law enforcers would also nab the five accomplices.

“We can’t re-arrest them at once we have started one by one so we will definitely arrest them,” said Gondwa but up to now the five are still free raising speculation that there is more than meets the eye on Kasambara’s arrest.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kasambara is in hospital at Mwaiwathu in Blantyre where he was taken after he fell ill while Zomba Maximum Security Prison.

But with government’s declaration that he will face trial it highly likely that once he gets well he will be sent back to prison.—Zodiak Online

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0 #5 spagoh 2012-02-21 16:22
a-e-i-o-u,namkungwi ,mwasowa zonena eti ?do you eat kasambala? or do you eat government? kamweni tea wa mandimu.

kasambala is getting a reward of his acts.
nalo boma muli mbuzi zokhazokha za mano kunsi.we will sort them out in 2014.
-1 #4 a-e--i-o-u 2012-02-21 15:39
Nankungwi, you are right. The government must be condemned for being murderous and oppressive. But this should be a reminder to those people who benefit from a system when it oppresses other people. Here in Malawi, officials abuse their positions and fail to rectify defects in the systems when it operates to their favour. The need to reform the police so that it is not used as a private gang by individuals in power is more pressing than ever. When we have the opportunity, we should fight to reform the system. Others who are languishing in prison or defending themselves against crazy charges but who have no similar sympathy as the one being given to Mr. Kasambala should also be considered. I wish well Mr. Kasambala but he should after all this take stock of what he did when he was in government. An apology to the malawi nation will not be a bad thing, by the way.
-1 #3 nankungwi 2012-02-21 14:57
a e i o u you right, but this time lets talk about this government of killing anyway, of course Kasambara at his time did things like he did, but as christians lets not do the judgument, lets wish eachother good not the way it is, its pathetic.If he saying the truth that the thugs were sent by the government or not, then court action.... zonse zikaonekela konko.... zoona zake zikaonekela konko, i hope the witnesses will be around so that they will give real evidence.Don't let Kasambara die and ma petrol bomb boys aja onse akhale ndi moyo akalowe mu court, zioneke kutha kwake, yangovuta ndi strikeyo ku Malawiko, mulandu amayimba munthu kumene not mtengo ai
+2 #2 a-e-i-o-u 2012-02-21 12:34
Mr. Kasambala, I feel sorry for you. But you are partly to blame for this. When you were in government as Attorney General you never did anything to reform the criminal justice system in Malawi. Instead, we hear you went on a self-enrichment spree. Be that as it may, during your time as Attorney General many, many people were victimised at your instigation: Bakili Muluzi was arrested on politically motivated charges, Cassim Chilumpha, nemerous tramped up charges for coup against UDF functionaries. Do you remember how you, Mr. Wadi and Ken Zikhale Ng'oma terrorised poor and innocent Malawians when you had a taste of power? Do you remember Mr. Kasambala? Its now time for the doctor to have a taste of his own medicine. In principle I feel sorry for you, but you had a chance to change the system Ralph. You never did. You never did.
0 #1 spagoh 2012-02-21 11:39
tiyeni nazoni tiwone komwe zithere.

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