Wednesday, October 22, 2014
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Parliament Turns Violent

Pandemonium ensued in parliament on Thursday afternoon after Thyolo North parliamentarian Ms. Anita Kalinde manhandled minister of Home Affairs and National Defense Mr. Aaron Sangala.

The bone of contention was that Mr. Sangala had insinuated that Ms. Anita Kalinde and her former husband Marshall Mdukulira Mbwatalika The Dukes used to trade in human private parts.

Marshall Mdukulira Mbwatalika died some years ago.

Mr. Sangala made this allegation when he presented a report on the death of Polytechnic student Robert Chasowa and this did not amuse Ms. Kalinde who demanded a retraction but Mr. Sangala did not bulge.

The incident happened around half past three immediately after parliament adjourned for team break.

During the afternoon session, Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security presented a report on the death of Polytechnic Student Robert Chasowa and MPs asked the minister to clarify some issues.

As the minister was answering the questions, Thyolo North MP Anita Kalinda advised Mr. Sangala to concentrate on the issue at hand and not referring to incidences that happened in the past regimes.

Opposition law makers had accused the government of having a hand in the death of Chasowa but Mr. Sangala said former regimes orchestrated several mysterious deaths.

He cited Ms. Anita Kalinde and her former husband the late Marshall the Dukes, who Mr. Sangala said was involved in the removal of private body part some years ago.

The allegation angered Ms. Kalinde and demanded that the Home Affairs Minister withdraw his statement which Mr. Sangala did not.

After Speaker of Parliament Henry Chimunthu Banda adhourned the proceeding for tea break, Ms. Anita Kalinde rushed to the government benches and grabbed Mr. Sangala on the neck.

It had to take about Five MPs to whisk away the angry Ms. Kalinde who was uttering some words to Mr. Sangala.

After deliberations resumed, government Chief Whip and Youth Development Minister Symon Vuwa Kaunda reported the Speaker the jacket and clothes of Mr. Sangala have been toned into pieces.

Speaker Henry Chimunthu Banda then said the matter will be handled by business committee any necessary disciplinary action will be taken.

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