Saturday, October 25, 2014
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1953 School Block Still in Use

DEDZA: A one-classroom block-mission school founded in 1953 in Dedza district in Malawi is still in use accommodating learners from standards one to eight.

Deputy Head Teacher at Mphika Primary School, Mr. Eliot Gringala told Zodiak Online that because of the situation, the rest learners learn from under trees, grass shelters or inside local church buildings.

Mr. Gringala says most of the school pupils, over nine hundred in number, have to be sent home when it is raining.

“I humbly ask you to extend our appeal to authorities to consider building us additional classroom blocks because the situation is pathetic here.

“Again, I appeal for more learning materials, especially text books which are not enough,” Elena Luba, a pupil at Mphika School told Zodiak Online.

Elana is in standard eight.

She counts herself lucky because standard one and standard eight pupils take shelter in the two sole classrooms here.

It is her other colleagues she sympathizes with because when rains begin, it means they have to go on forced holiday.

“I feel bad because this means my friends are not getting adequate learning,” she says.

Deputy Head teacher Mr. Gringila, acknowledges that the current situation poses great challenges in this place.

“There’s nothing we, as teachers, can do. We just tell the learners to return home when it’s raining—what else can we do?” he says adding “As a teacher, I feel bad about this. But we are encouraging local leaders to mobilize their subjects to do something about this.

Member of Parliament for the area, Mr. Patrick Chilondola, says the situation at the school is indeed pathetic “ is not supposed to be happening in this day and age”. He says he is doing all he can to woo NGOs to come to rescue the school.

He says, politically, the situation is not healthy for him because blame will ultimately be on him for the situation.

The school is located in Traditional Authority Tambala’s area.  - Zodiak Online

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