Saturday, October 25, 2014
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One Million Defecate in the Open

Plan Malawi wants over one million Malawians to stop defecating in the open by 2016 through a five Million US dollar facility from the Global Sanitation Fund.

Currently, according to the National Sanitation Policy, 1.3 million Malawians, representing 11 percent of the country’s population, have no toilet and defecate in the open.

Plan Malawi Programmes manager for the fund Ulemu Chiluzi says under five children are the most affected by effects of poor sanitation in Malawi as evidenced by frequent ailments for which they have to report to various health facilities cross the country.

He said 35 percent of city dwellers in Malawi have no access to sanitary facilities while in rural areas the figure is at 54 percent.

In this regard Plan Malawi organized a day long interaction with journalists on sanitation issues as an attempt at beginning to reverse the trend.

Journalists at the workshop bemoaned lack of resources to adequately tackle issues of sanitation and hygiene.

The scribes also observed that publicity of issues to do with sanitation has tended to slacken because of lack of value addition to the issues besides to sensitivity of language used especially when local languages are employed.

Mr. Chiluzi said Malawi has been allocated over 800 million Kwacha to sanitation programmes. —Zodiak Online


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0 #1 bigboy 2011-12-19 15:32
nanuso mutisazitsa ife tikudya kumene.Well thats a better toilet than my sisters.Easy to dig manure,you can also see tape worms easily isnt it? Doctors say these are better toilets

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