Thursday, October 23, 2014
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Bingu Cautions on Likely Maize Crisis

The government of Malawi is evidently at a loss on whether it should order the stocking of Agriculture Development and Marketing Corporation - Admarc -depots with maize, the staple food, across Malawi.

There appears to be evident fears that government is worried that commercial interests may hijack the agenda, buy the maize in bulk, stock it away and consequently expose government to political ridicule.

President Bingu wa Mutharika has publicly acknowledged that the rainfall pattern this season appears erratic such that there is corresponding caution on possible negative effects on the next harvest.

Mutharika has since pleaded with Malawians to take good care of the maize they may have in stock.

“I am not ordering you. I am begging you. For the good of the whole nation, let us keep the maize that we have so that we should avert possible hunger,” president Mutharika told a crowd during the installation of Senior Chief Tsabango on the outskirts of Lilongwe city on Tuesday December 27.

The president made the statement at a time of increased reports of fears of hunger in some parts of the country such as Chitipa where a lot of maize is crossing the border into Tanzania and Balaka where the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace-CCJP-has already projected that a lot of people will need food

As a measure to fight the problem, president Mutharika said his government would soon order Admarc to stocks depots with maize and start selling to the needy with none. He, however, said was worried that some unscrupulous business people may hijack the process for their own economic gains.

“I hope you people, we will together find a way of ensuring that this does not happen. That only those who are in need access the maize,” he said.

On the problems rocking the nation at the moment, president Mutharika, like before had no kind words for his critics especially political rivals whom he said were the root cause of the current fuel crisis.

He said, for example, that after the Malawi Congress Party-MCP- and the United Democratic Front-UDF-ruled the country for a total of 41 years, it is only his Democratic Progressive-DPP-regime that is talking about constructing two fuel reserves tanks each in Mzuzu, Lilongwe and Blantyre cities.

“Then tell me, who is intelligent between me and them?” he asked his audience which obviously answered “ndi inuyo bwana! (Its you Sir!). He noted that Malawi has always been landlocked.

The president further said his government would soon provide for fuel reserves adequate to stock six months’ fuel reserves in Malawi “…and you know that I do not promise what I cannot achieve”.

Of course, the president still believes that when God threw out Lucifer from heaven, Luciefr fell in Malawi.—Zodiak Online


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0 #1 Bangula University 2011-12-27 13:21
0n 25th, he blamed satan. Today he is blaming MCP and UDF.

Tomorrow, he will blame Jesus for not answering his prayers!!

What a president!!

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