Thursday, October 23, 2014
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UDF Madness On Political-Gas-Peddle

Political insanity continues to consume the former ruling party, the United Democratic Party in its obvious quest to preposition itself ahead of the 2014 presidential elections.

Hours after the UDF made public a decision to fire UDF parliamentarian Mr. Atupele Muluzi and party Secretary General Mr. Kennedy Makwangwala and the suspension of part founder and former president Dr. Bakili Muluzi, a court injunction is also on the table against the Makwangwala-camp holding a NEC meeting December 28.

At an emergency UDF caucus Tuesday December 27, the party National Executive Committee also suspended former chairman Dr. Muluzi from being a member of the party.

Second Vice President of the party, Mr. Sam Mpasu told Zodiak Online immediately after the meeting that the decision to expel the two followed their indiscipline while Dr. Muluzi’s suspension is for bringing confusion in the party.

“He is working behind the curtains trying to sow seeds of confusion in the party. That is why the NEC resolved to suspend him,” said Mr. Mpasu who claimed that the caucus drew together 42 of the NEC’s 50 membership.

Dr. Bakili Muluzi laughed off the development when Zodiak Online contacted him. He declined to make any comment.

However, his son, Atupele, who aspires to represent the party in the coming presidential elections in 2014, said the NEC caucus had no mandate to make the decisions it did.

Atupele kept referring to the Makwangwala NEC-meeting slated for December 28 as being the authentic body for that.

Insiders in the UDF say they are worried that the expression of interest to represent the UDF in the 2014 presidential elections by Atupele is being supported by Dr. Muluzi “who misled the party with his choice of the last candidate.

“We suspect foul play. Recently, Atupele went to meet the new president of Zambia to buy his support. Now we hear the father, an old friend of his, is also going there. We cannot rule out the possibility that the mission is one,” he said.—Zodiak Online


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0 #1 mitole 2011-12-28 07:47
i just feel sorry for the young muluzi because the younger ones will loose confidence in him. and the more they suspend each other the more they loose populance. How can a well organised party suspend a retired leader. it show lack of political muscle on their part.Any let the better candident wins 2014 elections.

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