Friday, October 24, 2014
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Unceasing UDF Wrangles Continue

United Democratic Front president Mr. Friday Jumbe says the sanctioning of the party’s secretary general’s decision to dissolve all party positions by some members is unconstitutional, illegal because his mandate as a secretary general does not stipulate that he can run affairs of the party.

Mr. Jumbe told the media that the country is currently going through turbulent times requiring unity to forge ahead therefore the nation should not be diverted into talking about issues in the UDF party perpetrated by people who are interested in violating laws other than finding solutions.

Chairperson of the party Dr. Cassim Chilumpha further said Mr. Makwangwala decision is not unifying as he claims because going by the way position were in July 2009, that is putting Dr. Bakili Muluzu back to his position as a chairman of the party yet he is retired.

Article 14 of the United Democratic Front outlines 12 duties of the secretary general of the party bordering on running the secretariat and daily operations of the party.

As such, president of the party Mr. Friday Jumbe says national governing council members wonder why the party’s secretary general Mr. Kennedy Makwangwala is claiming powers that are not legally bound by the UDF constitution.

The fact that he is keeping the party’s certificate Mr. Jumbe says does not guarantee him as an individual to take the party into his hands.

Dr. Cassim Chilumpha who is chairperson of the party says this is the reason why the secretary general has been called to disciplinary hearing to correct issues.

On Sunday Mr. Makwangwala told a gathering at a mass rally that he is the one running the party since he dissolved all party positions to bring unity in the party.

Dr. Chilumpha says the claims by Mr. Makwangwala are irrelevant because the position he was given in August 2009 by the former president Dr. Bakili Muluzi was nullified when the former president came back

Mr. Makwangwala and other members according to Mr. Jumbe are bringing in confusion because they are receiving financial support from Dr. Muluzi who is still keeping the party’s funding which well wishers contribute to support the party.

The same with Dr. Bakili Muluzi and his son Atupere who Mr. Chilumpha says there actions are not constitutional and meant to destabilize the party.

Since the issues bringing disunity in the party are constitutional, Dr. Chilumpha says the party has left everything in the hands of the court to put records straight.—Zodiak Online


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0 #1 Clement 2012-01-13 15:28
Jumbe and Chilumpha are just wasting their time. There days are numbered ,they know it. They are about to fall out with UDF . Ife tatopa nanu nkhalamba inu. Tikufuna anyamata amagazi ngati ulendo wa Utupele.

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