Saturday, October 25, 2014
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Judiciary Strike Pangs Showing

Local court users are concerned that a prolonged nationwide strike by workers in the judiciary will have long term devastating effects.



Malawi Prisons spokesperson Mr. Evance Phiri told Zodiak Online that prisons are already heavily congested and food is becoming hard to source.

On the other hand, police spokesperson Mr. Davie Chingwalu says while the courts are not attending to cases, the police have no option but continue arresting suspects.

Malawi Law Society spokesperson Mr. Jabber Alide says lawyers have also been badly affected.

Judiciary workers are busy playing bawo, football or chess as they await government to decide to begin to implement their packages as approved by parliamentary in 2006.

Meanwhile, as law breaking never seizes to exist, police must continue to apprehend suspected law breakers.

“The problem now is that the EXIT is closed. We are still arresting people who we cannot take to court because the courts are closed,” said police publicist Mr. Davie Chingwalu adding “the continued arrest of criminals has led to congestion of suspects in police cells such that authorities are being forced to send suspects to prisons on remand”.

The situation has also pushed prison authorities to the wall, because the country’s jails are already congested.

Malawi prisons spokesperson Mr. Evance Phiri says the situation will become unbearable if the strike continues.

Elsewhere, lawyers too are feeling the pinch especially those in private practice and are working on how to salvage the situation.

MLS spokesperson Mr. Jabber Alide said the lawyers are currently discussing the way forward given the situation.

Government says discussions are underway to come up with a concrete solution on the matter.—Zodiak Online



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