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Bingu Denies Satan Remarks

President Bingu wa Mutharika has denied ever blaming Satan and the opposition for the economic problems currently rocking the country.

Speaking at a ceremony in honor of country’s first freedom fighter, reverend John Chilembwe, the president said some people deliberately misinterpreted his New Year message.

Summarizing the life of Reverend Chilembwe, the state president described him as a person who had the love to teach the word of God not for money like what some religious leaders of the modern era.

Not that it is wrong for people to ask for money, said Professor Muthalika, but there is need to balance up the love for God and the love for money.

It is his love for money the president said is what is forcing some leaders in the country to twist messages that he delivers to the people. He gave cited his Christmas and New Year message as one of his speeches that some people have deliberately chosen to twist.

In his Christmas and New Year message the president said: “In the year 2011, a lot of things have happened in Malawi in terms of development even though we faced a lot of challenges. But God never stopped loving us.

“I know that the devil has failed because in the year 2011 the devil sat on our back, the devil brought hatred anger and lies.

“But God has said that this is not the devil’s time, the devil has failed but God has won.”

Malawians widely interpreted this message as one that meant the president ‘blamed the devil’ for the economic hardships faced in 2011.

In his Chilembwe Day reaction, however, the president said he never meant the country is being led by Satan as his critics said but rather the devil is manipulating people’s minds which is bringing in problems in the country.

To clarify his Christmas and New Year message the president said: “In my Christmas message Isaid that the Devil has sat on the back of this country.

“Opposition parties misinterpreted my message by saying that in my speech I meant that problems rocking Malawi at the moment have been caused by the Dvil, I did not say that.

“But if a person starts telling lies about some-one with an intention to tarnishing one’s image, if one goes to steal at a funeral, at a graveyard, at a church, if one gives false testimony, all these things can not come from God but the Devil himself.

“I did not say that the devil is the one responsible for all the problems the country is facing at the moment but that a lot of things have gone wrong in this country because of the Devil.

“I never said that the opposition has brought problems in the country. Here in Malawi, we like complaining a lot but we should know that most countries in the world have more problems as well.”

Professor Mutharika went on to ask religious leaders to show their love for the country by praying to God so that the people living in the country should be guided by God’s love just as it was done by Reverend Chilembwe.

He admitted that Malawi is going through serious problems which cannot be attributed to his opponents but rather requires unity by all, the opposition religious leaders and government to be defeated.

In his sermon Reverend Kaliati of Providence Industrial Mission asked Malawians to put God first in everything even the challenges that the country is facing now because He provides solutions to everything.

January 15 is the day that was set aside for the country to remember Reverend Chilembwe and other people who were first to fight with the colonialist to give back to Malawians their freedom.

Malawi is facing serious fuel and foreign currency shortages.—Zodiak Online

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0 #4 TELL UNDULE ZOONA 2012-01-16 17:05
0 #3 Profet 2012-01-15 18:26
Thats our leader leave him alone he is a professor. He knows what he means this time.
0 #2 Tigonane kwambiri 2012-01-15 16:46
Truly meaning dementia. Ntaba what r u doing? Leaving the old man to take his urine nxt time to b awakened?
+1 #1 Abdul Rahman Chikoko 2012-01-15 16:43
Amene ali ndi mawu ndi Ngwaziyi pa nkhani iri pamwambapa,muli ndi mwayi,nawoni!Ak ulu akulu ndiye ndaseka nditawerenga nkhaniyi kuti kodi mkuluyu akudziwa zoti zimene wayankhula anthu amadzisunga kapena amayendera payerepayere?Zoti tsiku la Kiyama adzachita kudziwerengera yekha,amadziwa?Zoti amene amalemba zonse zimene amayankhulazo amayenda naye daily kuli konse kumene amapita even ndi pa bedi pake,amakhala naye nthawi,does he know?Tsiku likubwera a Ngwazi,mmasomo mudzatuluka magazi chifukwa chakuopa malipiro ake.Pemphani a Dawa akuuzeni lisanafike tsikulo!

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