Wednesday, October 22, 2014
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Brown Mpinganjira Gets ‘New Wife’

At a colorful ceremony officiated by celebrated prophet Shephard Bushiri on Saturday, Feb 4, veteran politician Brown Mpinganjira started a new life – life in official matrimony.

The former parliamentarian, now a preacher and a member of Vice President Joyce Banda’s People’s Party officially exchanged marriage vows with his longtime spouse Harriet Moyo.

Several people including Mrs. Banda and his husband former Chief Justice Richard Banda converged on the Sunnyside Church of Bushiri’s Enlightened Christian Gathering Church to witness the occasion.

“As I’m speaking to you, he is actually entering the church holding his wife by the hand to get his marriage blessed”, said master of the ceremony Mr. Ian Nankhuni who is also Mpinganjira’s longtime political ally.

“It is not like a young man marrying a young lady! The two have been living together for many years and they’ve just decided that it’s high time they blessed their marriage”.

“As you may recall recently Mr. Mpinganjira announced that he is now a pastor, so perhaps he thought it was not wise to continue as a preacher without having his marriage blessed”, said Mr. Nankhuni.

Only close friends and relations were invited to a private reception later in the evening at Moneyman Residential Area in the city.

Ms Moyo is one the country’s successful business ladies. She previously run a car hire called Wendy, but now she is into tailoring and hair salon.

She originally comes from Mzimba, but she has been a Blantyre resident for many years. She is a member of the Bushiri church, according to Mr. Nankhuni.

Mr. Mpinganjira once led the now-defunct National Democratic Party (NDA) which gave the former ruling United Democratic Front (UDF) a good run.

He also contested as presidential running mate to main opposition Malawi Congress Party leader John Tembo in the 2009 elections in a coalition that was not successful.

He was then a member of the UDF having been disbanded his NDA under the influence of former president Dr. Bakili Muluzi who was geared to unseat his predecessor, President Bingu wa Mutharika following their gully of differences.

Mr. Mpinganjira was once married and has children from that previous marriage.  - Zodiak Online

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0 #9 Concerned 2012-02-09 08:02
Please anthu inu.Tizikhala ndi mantha ponyoza ena,kodi simukhulupirira Bible(Word of God)?Paul was Saul & u know the whole story.Ine ndasankha not to condemn anybody as God is the only one to Judge.And the Word says Psa105v15 "Touch not My annointed and do My prophets no harm"Bwinotu, tingayambe kunena zochoka kwa Mulungu,have you asked from the Lord if he is fake?The Bible says Jam1v19 "Be swift to hear,slow to speak and slow to anger"Mind you,u may be cursed with your comments if he is from God .
0 #8 tusekire kayange 2012-02-08 07:55
Ambuye akudalitseni nonse mwaika ma comment anu ndipo akukhulukireni, mukufuna kutenga malo a ambuye pokhala ma judge eti? judge not!!!Luke 6 v 37. The prophet is the man of God and he is speaking the word of God.
0 #7 Mercy 2012-02-06 11:06
Bushiri is a False Prophet, Mpinganjira Ndiye AmapemPheletsa zotani kuti timudziwe? Has he approached his first wife to apologize since he repented? Zoopsatu!!
+1 #6 Bwana Muganga 2012-02-06 09:38
I like this gentleman. He is an intelligent man.
0 #5 critics of bushiri 2012-02-06 07:12
thaks hon. mpinganjira for making the right choice ,hope yu have seen the weekness of your life in politics and you have decided to follow the good democratic party which is JESUS,word of coution ,,dont mix ,,this is the diferent path you have chjosen ,those who wont to bring you down they will follow you where ever you ll go till they get you where you ve follen.
word of coution mr hon.jb,bushiri is not real,as i am saying there is a baby rihgt in rumphi for the girl she imprignated and deny the shamful act,the truth is prophet b ndi onyega zibwezi komaso bodza,
third coution ,bushi left mzuzu city becz we stoped trusting him and he failed to convice pple about his fake ministry ,reason today he declared his vacational from mz to brantyre,afuna ndalama zanu ameneyo ife ambwenu mbwenu we re clever study a person careful if he is real we do support ,
lastly PLIZZZ....PLIZZZ BOYS ,GIRLS,LADIES ,AND GENTLEMEN dont get cheated by bushili the church here is finished bcz is go digger jus wont pples pockets in the name of ,,iam prophet,
my close friend went there,he lied to her to say all the pple that propose her they re married and due to ,she doesnt have a man hence the lady went ther with onother problem and she is got a fiance to be getting married in aug.this yr.
the wman disagree with him,he got closed coz he new he has goofed with her,
bushi cornive with sinir batcherer,wen he prays for a girl he say am seing this man very depserate looking for alady is a capable man and god is showin me this no#oo9oooooo oro888oooooo,ju s cal him you wil here what he is going to say alredy munthu wagwizana naye kuti lero i ll look one for you ,ku mzuzu kuno atsikana anamuwerenga bushi
0 #4 Alex 2012-02-05 19:11
Pastors of today are like dogs that do not bark.They want more and more tithe
0 #3 ok 2012-02-05 17:24
when you say blessing a marriage what do you mean. was it cursed?

This religion will in the way help people not to understand the will of GOd.

The bible says, every good and perfect gift comes from God (1st premise), the bible further says, he (mpinganjira) who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from the lord (2nd premise. Paul says that no one receives apart from that given by God (3rd premise). what do you conclude!
0 #2 hanlly 2012-02-04 19:37
What do we learn from you?I thought you are there to teach how to be faithful to our wives? Are all you have had not faithful to you? or you are the problem?
0 #1 Ndaziona Dube 2012-02-04 15:56
By the way is Shepherd Bushiri an ordained Pastor worthy blessing marriages??? And this boy Shepherd, ha!

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