Tuesday, October 21, 2014
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Police Invade Atupele's House

The police in Lilongwe on Wednesday invaded the house of son to Malawi’s former president, Atupele Muluzi in Area 9, who is also UDF’s aspiring presidential candidate, where they seized his vehicle and arrested his driver.

“As I was about to drive to parliament, the police arrived at my house demanding to take away the vehicle as well as arresting my driver, Mr. Paul Kanjoka” said Atupele

The arrest comes after an incident where the former president’s bodyguard, Mr. Bennett Mponda was injured during an ambush in Atupele’s convoy on January 29.

The incident took place in Bvumbwe, Thyolo. Mponda was admitted to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre with a broken leg.

The young Muluzi said he could not understand the action of the police that he called the speaker of the national assembly to inform him on the same.

According to section 60 in the Constitution of the Republic of Malawi a member of parliament is immune against arrest when going to parliament.

“The Speaker, every Deputy Speaker, every member of the National Assembly and every member of the Senate shall, except in cases of treason, be privileged from arrest while going to, returning from, or while in the precincts of the National Assembly or the Senate....,” reads the law in part

“I found it very strange that during the sitting of parliament, such activities would be taking place,” said Muluzi.

Police spokesperson for the central region Mr. John Namalenga confirmed arresting the driver but they have since returned the vehicle.

He said the driver is suspected of running over a police officer during the Bvumbwe incident with the vehicle in question.

Mr. Namalenga said the vehicle for the lawmaker was confiscated because it is believed that it is the same vehicle that ran over the policeman who is currently receiving treatment.  - Zodiak Online

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0 #2 Zasintha 2012-02-09 08:20
Please law enforcers stop being abused by a party in power and start working as per your job prescriptions lucidly put in Section 158 of the Republican Constitution. Otherwise these politicians are reducing you to headless men and women in uniform.
0 #1 anamulenga 2012-02-09 07:29
Bodza a police you are being used by the Government to harass Atu. are you scared of the young man

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