Saturday, October 25, 2014
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Govt Revoke 10 Export Licenses

LILONGWE: Government has refused to renew export licenses to ten companies for failure to account for their previous transactions, Minister of Trade and Industry John Bande said on Thursday in Lilongwe.

Opening the national quality policy (NQP) workshop, the Minister said the country needs more forex at the moment and therefore companies that will fail to account for their transactions will not be allowed to export their produce.

“The world is going through economic challenges at the moment and to survive there is need to ensure that consistent trade prevails and grows. On our part, this can be achieved if Malawi presents high quality products on the prevailing markets in order to sustain the markets and push the demand high,” said Bande

The minister then bemoaned companies which are investing their forex in banks outside the country, saying the mal-practice is causing more problems for the trade industry.

He warned that companies which will fail to account for their trans-actions will not be given a license to export their products again.

Director for Malawi Bureau of Standards, Mr. Davlin Chokazinga said the National Quality Policy will boost Malawi’s trade industry, saying some products were not recognized on the international market due to lack of accreditation.

“The policy will standardize local products enabling them to find markets easily because they will have all the necessary qualities,” he said.

The minister said the National Quality Policy which has just been launched in the country will guide in developing necessary infrastructure for standardization, quality assurance, accreditation and metrology.—Zodiak Online

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