Saturday, October 25, 2014
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PP Convention in June

President of People’s Party, who is also Malawi’s Vice President Mrs. Joyce Banda, has said her party will hold its long awaited convention in June this year.

“Currently we are in the planning phase of the convention,” said Banda in an interview with zodiak online

“As we speak everyone in the party is working hard towards the fulfillment of holding our convention in June,” she added.

She said all positions including that of the party presidency will be up for grabs since the current positions are on an interim basis.

Mrs. Banda is also on record telling zodiak online in 2011 that in the event that she loses she will happily work with the president people will elect at the convention.

“The party is not my personal property. I am not the automatic presidential candidate because the convention will decide who will lead the party. In the event that I am not elected I will happily work with the winner,” said Banda.

People’s Party officially got registered in April 28, last year after a series of court battles.

Mrs. Banda was expelled from the ruling party in December 2010 on the basis that she was running parallel structures.

She also refused to endorse Professor Peter Mutharika, the president’s brother, to lead the party 2014—Zodiak online

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0 #3 Mphatso Uledi 2012-02-19 12:39
We are proud of you Mama show Malawians the real democracy
0 #2 delu 2012-02-17 15:14
Good. Hope you will articulate your policies - if same as always then you better just join other existing parties. Please, note that in this fast paced world we need progress. But you must be innovative and not hatch the mentality like, we are not ready to host "African Union meeting". i feel that is mediocre and too simple!
+1 #1 Austin Chikande 2012-02-12 04:16
Convention does not only take pple to elect the president but also discuss and identify their areas of strength, weakness and way 4ward in the party.

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