Wednesday, October 22, 2014
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ACB Summons Wapona Kita

The arrest of Malawi’s prominent lawyer Ralph Kasambara who is still in prison has taken a new twist with the Anti-Corruption Bureau summoning his lawyer, Wapona Kita to appear before the bureau on Monday.

“Yes I can confirm that. I have the summon orders that I should appear before the bureau on Monday. They say it is on how we managed to obtained court bail for Ralph Kasambara,” said Kita

Meanwhile, Head of Criminal Investigations Department in the Malawi police Service Mrs. Rexa Chalera has allegedly instructed that Mr. Ralph Kasambara should not be freed from prison despite lawyers obtaining a release order as earlier demanded.

Lawyer Jonathan Kara claims that upon serving prison officials with the release order, authorities told lawyers that they have been instructed not to release Mr. Kasambara in the absence of the CID boss.

However the police could not say why the CID boss has ordered that Mr. Kasambara should be released in her absence. Mrs. Chalera stays in Lilongwe.

Southern region police spokesperson Nicholas Gondwa refused to comment and referred zodiak online to his boss, national police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Davie Chingwalu who also tossed us back to the Southern region publicist.

Kasambara was arrested on Monday and charged with abetting assault after his men overpowered and beat up two young men suspected to have been sent to petrol bomb his offices.

He was released Wednesday afternoon on court bail but the police re-arrested him two hours later.

After re-arresting him, the police insisted that the release of Mr. Kasambara lacked some procedures as no release order from the prison was issued.

“When one is given court bail while at the court he can go straight home but Mr. Kasambara was at prison the time the bail was granted so there was need to have a released order signed by prison authorities,” said southern region police spokesperson Nicholas Gondwa.

Asked why then Mr. Kasambara’s accomplices were not re-arrested, the police officer said they had started with Kasambara and would be hunting the rest.—Zodiak Online

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0 #6 OKWIYA 2012-02-17 13:28
I declare death on Bingu Wamuthalira
0 #5 mwene 2012-02-17 09:06
A Mr. Paulos Banda. I think people like you dont need to put comments on this page. Its a shame. Pitani muzakayenda bawo kwanu ngati mulibe chochita. Let the Malawi nation know what wrong Mr. Kasambara did. Olo manyazi mulibe.
-1 #4 Paulos Banda 2012-02-17 06:26
A Kasambara the yard stick you used to measure Hon. Chilumpha is now being used to measure you kaka.

Mukatuluka ku ZMP please go and apologize to kaka Chilumpha. Mukumva?
0 #3 chafufumimba 2012-02-16 20:41
tsono pamenepa walakwa chani?? mesa omenyedwawo amadzaotcha ma office ake ndiye amafuna awasiye akwaniritse zimenezo?? damn it, Malawi!!
+2 #2 mai nini 2012-02-16 14:20
But why only Kita and his friend?What those who granted the bail?Why not the one who granted the police warrant to search Kasambalas house and Office?
0 #1 fatty 2012-02-16 13:49
any way

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