Saturday, October 25, 2014
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Kita Speaks-out on his Imminent Arrest

Lawyer Wapona Kita says he is not shaken over reports that the Anti-Corruption Bureau is likely to obtain a court warrant to have him arrested over the ‘shoddy’ role he played in obtaining court bail for his client, Ralph Kasambara.

The ACB, which has since summoned Kita, wants the youthful lawyer to explain how he obtained court bail for Kasambara when the judiciary is on strike.

The bureau has since alleged that it has been monitoring Mr. Kasambara over reports that he corrupts judges to get favors hence the decision by the graft busting body to summon his lawyers.

“I can confirm that myself and Jonathan Kara have been summoned. I also understand the ACB boss is about to get a warrant to have me arrested but am not shaken because I don’t know what offense I have committed,” said Kita in an exclusive interview with zodiak online on Sunday.

“You see, only junior court workers are on strike not Magistrates or Judges so we did our best to get the court order but is was defied. When Mr. Kasambara was re-arrested we sought a judicial review if the police were justified to arrest our client twice on one offense. The court ruled that as the judicial review is progressing Mr. Kasambara be released but no one respected it,” said Kita adding;

“The order stipulated that whoever disobeys it would be arrested but when warders at Zomba informed their bosses we were told that the police Inspector General (Peter Mukhito) wanted to see it first. This was another problem because the order didn’t address him (Mukhito) but Zomba prison.”

Kita said later Kasambara’s heart condition worsened around mid night and was whisked to Mwaiwathu hospital in Blantyre, 66 kilometers away.

“There are plenty police officers in the corridors and outside the hospital. Our thinking is that because we obtained a court relief to have Mr. Kasambara released on bail pending judicial review if the police can arrest a suspect twice on the same offense – we will be going home once he is fine. But the presence of the police makes us think they are bent taking him back to prison once he is fine,” lawyer Wapona Kita exclusively told Zodiak online.

Meanwhile, it is yet to be known if from the hospital Mr. Kasambara will go home or back to Zomba Maximum Security Prison.—Zodiak Online

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