Sunday, October 26, 2014
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HHI Fracas Blamed on Former Head-teacher

Authorities at Henry Henderson Institute have accused a former Head-teacher for inciting students to go on riot on Friday leading to the closure of the secondary school.

Board chairperson, Mr. Steven Kamphasa alleged that a former deputy head-teacher (name withheld) is the one who influenced some students to start rioting.

“The whole issue started with the demotion of the deputy teacher to a mare teacher so in reaction he mobilized students to revolt,” alleged Mr. Kamphasa.

When contacted to comment on the allegation the former head teacher in question refused to comment, saying the school authorities were better placed.

Meanwhile, it is not yet known when the institution will be reopened as the board is expected to meet this week to map way the forward.—Zodiak Online

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0 #2 elliot ndalama 2012-05-26 10:28
Dont turnish the image of one of the best schools in malawi.ONCE HHI ALWAYS HHI!
0 #1 HHI alumini 2012-03-13 13:22
This is all because of removal of govt teachers from the school.HHI has had a good history for some time now. When i was there up to 2006, we were all under one goal, and that was to uplift HHI's reputation to greater heights, but things just changed. We used to say Once HHI...always HHI>>>>>>and we are like that, but you want to emberrass us. Lets change things for good please.

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