Friday, October 24, 2014
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Nyondo’s NASAF Top Official Resigns

LILONGWE: Secretary General of National Salvation Front (NASAF), Mr. Howard Kachipanda -arguably the only well known official of the party has resigned and quit the party.

NASAF is led by James Nyondo who in 2009 contested as Independent Presidential Candidate and later after the polls formed the party.

The party was registered in 2011 after the office of the registrar of political parties first rejected to register it but later the party was taken aboard.

Announcing his standing down, Mr. Kachipanda said he wanted to concentrate on family matter.

“I am not joining any political party neither am I forming my political party; I just want to concentrate on my private things. You know there are a lot of things that I have to do in life and one of these is my family—I need to attend to several family issues that I have,” Mr. Kachipanda said.

He however says he is hopeful that the party is still strong enough to compete in 2014 General Elections if its executive members organize the party to move forward.

“I am confident enough that the foundation I have laid is so strong that people I have left behind will continue from where I have stopped,” he said.—Zodiak Online

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