Wednesday, October 22, 2014
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Farmers warned Against Dealing with Middlemen

LILONGWE: The Lilongwe Agriculture Development Division has warned small scale farmers against selling their crop produce to middlemen who offer low prices so that they in turn make profits.

Lilongwe Chief Agriculture Extension Officer George Kaperemera said authorities are very concerned with the increased number of unscrupulous traders that have invaded to rural areas.

“Farmers should be on the lookout for middlemen lest they fall prey and sell all their produce at a very low price. These traders use non-recommended to dupe farmers,” said Mr. Kaperemera.

Mr. Kaperemera said the recommended minimum price for maize is K35 per kilogram and farmers should not sell their produce below the government recommended price.

He advised that farmers should first make a budget to calculate how many bags to keep for family consumption before they sell the rest.

“Farmers should keep six bags of maize for every adult member while children require three bags for one year,” he said.—Zodiak Online



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