Tuesday, October 21, 2014
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16 Ethiopians Jailed for Illegal Entry

MZUZU: The paradox of sending illegal immigrants to the already congested and foodless Malawi prisons continues without authorities attempting to find solutions on the negative impact such decisions bring.

In Rumphi, the magistrates court has sentenced sixteen Ethiopian nationals to six months in prison for illegal entry, further worsening congestion at the prison where inmates already sleep on top of each other due to lack of space.

Eighty others escaped after noting that they were being surrounded by police officers.

This year alone, over 500 illegal immigrants have been sentenced to Malawi prisons after being charged with illegal entry.

The Malawi Refugee Act, hurriedly formulated in the 1980s to counter the Mozambique war which led to influx of illegal immigrants, sanctions the arrest of illegal immigrants and the consequent imprisonment.

But in some countries when such asylum seekers are arrested they are taken to a refugee camp – verify their status to determine who are to be repatriated or not.

The 16 imprisoned Ethiopians are all male and their ages range from 18 to 29.  - Zodiak Online

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0 #9 Mipani yaMbewa 2012-05-01 15:34
Kwawo kwa maEthiopians ndinafikako ndiye ntchito zathu za mumafiludimu. Ndiye ndikumvetsa chimene athuwa akuthawa natsata kwathu kuno.
Chonde apatseni mwawi woti nawo akhale nawo kwathu kuno. Ngakhale kundzi kwenikweni I'm sure they will be greatful. Koma tiyeni tiwachotse m'ndendemo, LET US LIVE UP TO OUR NAME " The Warm Heart of Africa"
0 #8 Ndekesha 2012-05-01 11:00
Inde wawa. Athandizeni anthuwo chilipo chomwe akuthawa kwawoko. Njala, nkhanza, or even just looking for green pastures. Many Malawians are living illegally abroad. RSA, UK, USA, akawagwira ndiye deportation.
Give them special stay, apatseni mwayi woti akhale nawo mudziko lino. Palo padera ena amene ali "underpopulayed". Agayireni timinda nawo ayambeko ulimi, mwinanso akhonza kubweretsani kachitukuko kumalo ena amene ife a Malawi timakuwona ngati ndi kutchire.
Ma Ethiopians can survive many places, bola bata ndi mtendere, ndi madzi.
Tiyeni tipangedi chifindo kwa anthu ena, this is our bridge to friendships with other nations.
+1 #7 frankie 2012-05-01 08:11
There is no need to put them into prison, we all know about Ethiopian history.They just looking for a safe place for a better life.Look there is thousands of illegal Malawian in R.S.A if they are unluky they deport them and some come back again. We are all African, give them aspecial treatment, through them Malawi can make good friend with ather countries.
+1 #6 Pekaninsoq4zza 2012-04-27 15:36
Nkani iyi ndiye mukuti nayo bwanji a president?
+1 #5 mzukulu wa a malume 2012-04-26 09:06
Quoting Msonda:

Wawa bambo msonda.

Inde why jailing them instead of sending them back?
I also support the following:

See their cases and grant them permit to stay and live freely. As long as they are not thugs.
Make deals with chiefs to take them in their villages. Let them be part of their people, and live as such.
Learn them local languages depending on where they are placed.
Learn them our way if life, our food, customs etc, through interaction with their friends, neighbours and the chiefs.
From the villages let them move freely to towns to search for jobs, etc, just like any of us have done in the past.

Ndithu, zikomo.

Ine wanu, mzukulu wa a Malume.
+1 #4 Tsokonombwe 2012-04-26 05:21
Where are those self imposed Human Rights Activists when we are allowing such inhuman pactices to happen within the boarders of Malawi?
Don't we have some Human Rights organizations here in Malawi? Can't they see this and act and fight for these poor people? Kodi ntchito zap ma NGO-wa amene amapanga zap Human Rights ntchito yawo ndi chani?
Zoona over 500 foreigners imprisoned in the disease infested prisons of our country just for wanting green pastures in our well reputed country? Shouldn't we be glad that Malawi is now known as a great place to live when we are getting such high numbers of refugees/asylum seekers? In the past, people were flocking to America and UK for green pastures. As recently as recently, many have died while their boats sank as they tried to cross the oceans.
Let's not give foreign poorerer asylum seekers/refugees a death sentence by sending them to our starved, congested and disease infested prisons. Their they will catch diseases.like TBD and malaria, and get malnutrition. We do not even have the drugs to treat them if they fall sick.
Other countries make progress through the contributions made by foreigners, and most of these came in as asylum seekers.
Most of us Malawians today we are richer beyond our dreams, and we are becoming richer every year. Most of us are constructing our second houses,some third, and as for us and some, the fourth. We are owning to cars as a minimum, a madam yawo ifenso yathu, and some of us we even have a third car for the driver to pick up the kids in! We own the most expensive phones, with the latest technology, some of us we change phone twice a year. Most of us we have more than one phone.
We are consuming one million litres of fuel per day, let's face it, we have progressed, ndipo tinalemera!
Let's be rich at heart by rumming destitute human beings, let's not them ROT in prisons!
Lastly, I expect JB to act on this issue and let the government come to the rescue of these imprissoned refugees/asylum seekers. Leviticus 19 where God is warning against mistreating foreign people "don't be cruel to foreigners as you also were foreigners in the land of Egypt, and you know how it is to be a foreigner in a foreign land" Leviticus 19:33-34
+2 #3 Chisoni 2012-04-25 14:28
Pali zifukwa zosiyanasiyana zomwe anthuwo akuthawira kwawo, don't just send them back. Look into their cases and see if they can be granted permit to stay on compassionate grounds.
A Malawi, we have the hearts enough to commodate asylum seekers from other countries. While other poor countries like Zambia and RSA are able to offer us the unexpected help in time of need, let's also open up and help other destitute human beings.
We can intergrate them, learn them chichewa and how to eat nsima, our Malawian ways of life.
These are free people for Malawi to intergrate, potential citizens.
Anthu sagula.

As a God fearing country, let's also embrace God`s creatures within our boarders. As long as they are not criminals.

I hope there is a lawyer or some lawyers within the boarders of this country that can represent these people without expecting payment.

I am counting on you my fellow country men, we can start a new chapter on this Malawian history.

If we don't have laws protecting asylum seekers, then we may need some.

Thanks for reading, wishing you all a great evening.
+1 #2 Msonda 2012-04-25 12:11
+3 #1 Ndauka! 2012-04-25 09:24
Malawi officials, respect asylum seekers, don't imprison them as if they are thugs.
Yes, in some countries people charged with illegal entry are indeed taken to refuge camps, where their cases are determined. From there, those befitting the status of refugee are given resident permits to live freely and be in a position to look for work and make a living, etc.
These young people entering the country are in their prime ages, and are potential contributers to the countrys economy.
It can also happen that some of these have some sort of education, and some know hows that can be exploited. And learn them chichewa.

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