DPP North Divided Over Mutharika Endorsement

Divisions continue to emerge in the Democratic Progressive Party as leaders in the north are divided over the Saturday’s endorsement of Peter Mutharika as torchbearer in the 2025 presidential poll.

While regional governor Patrick Akimu Mwanza says the decision was reached at because Mutharika is the only person who can sanitize the ailing economy, director of operations Joe Nyirongo says this is not the decision of the party in the region because only a few individuals made the endorsement.

The different opinions have further exposed divisions in the party, which at times party leaders have attempted to hide.

Mwanza has told us Mutharika is the only candidate who can fix the economy which is collapsing; thus, they will take Mutharika’s suggestion to the convention.

“Mutharika is the only leader who can bring back sanity to the failing economy, and unite the party. If there is anyone who wants to compete, let them come to the convention. As a committee in the region, we have made this decision”, said Mwanza.

He has added that those that say Mutharika is old are misguided because they used to say the same things when he was in power.

“The very same people who are saying Mutharika is old are the same people that wanted youthful leaders who have brought miseries, under whom prices of everything has gone up”, he said.

However, director of operations Joe Nyirongo says those making the endorsements are causing more divisions in the party, adding the decision was made by a few individuals, and does not represent the region.

“We needed to meet and discuss. The northern region is very big, it’s for the people and the party is for the people. Their meeting is illegal and they are presenting their ideas, not for the party in the region”, said Nyirongo.

He added, “They are trying to cause more divisions in the party. The party has got strong people. Many people want to compete so they should give equal opportunity, and not make the situation worse than before”.

However, a political expert George Chaima says bringing back Mutharika who is old is not a good idea because his productivity may have dwindled, adding people tend to take advantage of an aged person.

“Most of the time when people do that is only out of excitement, outside the constitutional mandate.  Maybe it is just to express their gratitude to the leader, otherwise going by the party’s constitution, it is clear on the legal process of doing that”, Chaima said.

He adds that unfortunately, people tend to take advantage of old men to do as they please.

“Looking at humanitarian and health grounds, a person who is generally exposed to health risks, so will the DPP want to ignore the productivity aspect. Such persons’ health weakens, so others take advantage of that to manipulate him to do whatever they want without being refused”, added Chaima.

Early this month, Southern Region Governor for the party Charles Mchacha announced the endorsement, saying elsewhere, there are leaders older than Mutharika, who he said will unite the party.

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Last modified on Monday, 23/05/2022

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