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Anti-Chizuma Vigil Organizers Turn Down Plea To Leave Vigil Site

Anti-Corruption Bureau chief Martha Chizuma Anti-Corruption Bureau chief Martha Chizuma

Organizers of the vigils that were meant to force the government to fire the Anti-Corruption Bureau chief Martha Chizuma, this morning walked out of the meeting that was expected to end the vigils, saying it was not necessary.

One of the leaders, Redson Munlo, has told us the District Commissioner and police officers informed them about a complaint by the family of the former state president Kamuzu Banda and the Ministry of Tourism, that the site for the vigil was a bad choice, and requested them to leave.

“The complaints were delivered by phone, and the meeting decided that this was baseless, so we did not waste time. It was also agreed upon that the place is a public place, so no one from the family or elsewhere can demand that we leave the place, after all, we followed all legal processes to get approval”, said Munlo.

Munlo added that they could not sit in the meeting because anyone can claim to belong to the Kamuzu family, wondering why the office of the district commissioner could not document such a complaint.

He added that moving forward, they will go shopping for chains and locks that will be used to seal Chizuma’s office on Thursday, upon completion of the vigil.

“We are proceeding with the vigils. And we are going back, this afternoon we are going to shops to buy chains and locks that we are going to use when seizing the office of Martha Chizuma on Thursday.”

Some of the people that are taking part in the vigils have reiterated that they will not back down and leave the place until the leadership fires Chizuma because she has betrayed the trust that Malawians had in her.

One of them, Ida Musa has told us Chizuma lied under oath that she will work professionally in her job, and that is enough for her to be fired, or honorably resign.

“At the end, we see she is not as professional as she claimed to be. What she is doing is contrary to her promise, like revealing the secrecy of her office’, she said.


The concerned citizens are trying to force the Government to fire Chizuma, or she steps down voluntarily following leaked audio in which she was allegedly discussing ACB investigations with an outsider.

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Last modified on Tuesday, 24/05/2022

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