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Witchdoctor Sentenced 10 Months for Indecent Assault in Thyolo

Witchdoctor Sentenced 10 Months for Indecent Assault in Thyolo

Thyolo Magistrate Court on Thursday sentenced a 38-year old witchdoctor Emmanuel Koloti to 10 months imprisonment for indecent assault.

State prosecutor Ishmae Abubasit told the court that in January 2022, Koloti slept with the woman in the bathroom at Lolo Village, in the district as a ritual for the concoction so that her husband should be loving her.

"The incident happened at the woman's house where the witchdoctor introduced himself after he asked for drinking water. He said he knows concoction which would make her husband to love her.

"For the rituals, in the first place, Koloti said they needed to go to the graveyard together at night, but the woman refused. And then, he said she should go at the crossroads naked and run around with an earth pot on her head, but again she was not comfortable.

“Finally, he said she should provide a menstrual pad or cloth which he wanted to mix with the concoction after they had sex, of which she gave in.

"After that, he also told the woman to provide a new wrapper for the concoction. So, after some days, the woman followed the witchdoctor to take her wrapper, but he did not give her and she reported the matter to police where upon questioning, she narrated the ordeal," he said.

However, in his submission Abubasit, prayed for a maximum sentence because sexual assaults are rampant in the district and consent was due to threats of fate that could follow the victim if she decided otherwise.

Meanwhile, First Grade Magistrate Kondwani Chinangwa, has sentenced Koloti to 10 months imprisonment to deter other would be offenders. He comes from Malambwana Village, Traditional Authority Chikumbe in Mulanje District.

"The court found you guilty on the conduct which is rampant in the district and attracts disapproval to the society. I therefore sentence you Emmanuel Koloti, to 10 months imprisonment to serve as a deterrent to other would be offenders," he ordered.

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