Sunday, October 26, 2014
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Child Trafficking on Increase in Dedza

DEDZA: Authorities in Dedza, a central Malawi, have bemoaned an increase in child trafficking which they say is worsening due to porous borders between the country and Mozambique.

District Social Welfare Officer Mr. Bernard Nangwale told ZBS that his office is currently handling an average of fifteen child trafficking cases every month.

“Previously we used to handle a maximum of ten cases each month, but now the number is increasing,” said Mr. Nangwale.

Mr. Nangwale attributed the increase to a high illiteracy rate on the part of parents.

He said parents do not appreciate the importance of sending children to school and prefer sending them somewhere where they can work and earn money for survival.

Authorities also attribute the problem to lack of information on child rights.

Mr. Nangwale has called on concerned parties to enhance sensitization campaigns on child rights and laws related to children’s rights so as to curb child trafficking.—Zodiak Online

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