People and Goods Packed Alike: Risky Journeys of Rurban Malawi

In some parts of Malawi, apart from minibuses, small cars are used as commuter vehicles, but the problem is that the operators usually exceed the limit number for passengers and the cargo capacity in order to increase profits.

Our reporter, Suwira Wanda, finds that corruption between the police and the operators of these vehicles is rampant, leading the law enforcers to pay a blind eye to this dangerous tendency.

Suwira takes us to the lakeshore district of Salima which has a population of more than hundred thousand people where she discovers that people there seem to value the economic returns of using such vehicles over the safety of their lives.

From Kaoche Village with Six Points: The Story of Joseph Katole

When he heard on Zodiak Radio that the Ministry of Education had announced the 2023 Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) examination results, Joseph Mathias Katole’s heart was pounding heavily. The thumping of the heart was out of anxiety.

Drones: New Tech Easing Transport Problems in Malawi’s Health Sector

The year 2023 will forever be a memorable year for millions of Malawians - a year that for some will remain awful and unforgettable as it left an enduring psychological trauma. Tropical Cyclone Freddy ripped through homes and smothered scores of people.

GM Maize: Possible Solution to Fall Army Worms in Malawi

Malawi’s population is about 20 million. Most of these people live in rural areas, and 97 percent of them are farmers that grow maize.

Gene Editing Solution to Reducing Losses Due to Soybean Rust

The sound of a rooster in rural Malawi is not just a signal for day break. For the majority of farmers in the country, it is a call to return to the field in a tireless effort to make ends meet. It is a reminder of how hard work leads to their daily survival.

Environmental Programs Ignored in MK3.5bn Carbon Tax Fund

It has transpired that the Treasury has not been remitting about MK3.5 billion carbon levy funds to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Climate Change for the implementation of different programs, four years since collection of the tax was introduced to increase domestic resources in environmental conservation in the country.

Killed in Matrimonial Homes

When a tragic incident in which a woman, Marieta Samuel, had her hands chopped off by an abusive husband happened 17 years ago in Dowa district, all quarters of society strongly condemned the criminal act.

We See this Place as Grave - Freddy Survivors

It is unbelievable for many people how Cyclone Freddy induced mudslide moved huge rocks from Soche hill down to the residential areas of Chilobwe in Blantyre.

Skills Development Contest; a Loser on the Winners List

Evelyn Maunde is clad in a blue work suit and safety boots. She has put on syndicate, probably to keep his head warm on the cold weather that embraced the hilly located Soche Technical College in Blantyre.

Children with Disabilities, Orphaned, Escape Freddy by the Rooftop

Women were busy cooking at Matope village at Ndirande in Blantyre on this particular raining Monday. Dark cloud had fallen one of the households in the village.

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